Magnificent Monday: Pat Benatar

Magnificent Monday

When I was a little girl in the 80s my world was abuzz with the name Pat Benatar. As garish as some of the trends from that decade were, there were many things that I enjoyed a lot. Like hair, the 80s had some amazing hair! I do see the influence of that era throughout our current peacock style, as flamboyance & individuality continue to take center stage.

Pat Benatar

While her current style is more understated & still beautiful, she truly embodied the essence of cool back in my early years. She was definitely the powerful woman & rock icon I aspired to be at that time in my life, lol. I’ve put together a few items from inspired by the magnificent Pat Benatar. This post has affiliate links, so choosing to follow them to shop the blog will earn me a small commission from anything you purchase.

Pat Benatar Inspiriation

1) Colorfulworldstore Promotion gifts-Small square chiffon scarfs ($1.99)
2) Eli Fashion(TM) Soft Flower Print Scarf Circle Pattern Shawl Wrap ($5.09)
3) Smile YKK Women Rose Lace Triangle Floral Scarf Neckerchief Shawl Neck Wrap ($5.40)
4) 1928 Jewelry Navette Drop Earrings ($12)
5) Bling Jewelry Fake Cartilage Guardian Angel Wings Ear Cuff Chain Earring Steel ($12.99)
6) Sterling Silver Black Sparkle Teardrop Earrings ($24.99)
7) Sandistore Retro Multilayer Fringed Pendant Chain Necklace ($5.35)
8) Small Multi-Color Charm Gold-Tone Statement Necklace ($5.46)
9) Flower and Insect 3 Row Tiered Gold with Pearl and Rhinestone Accents Pendant Statement Necklace ($6.64)


2 thoughts on “Magnificent Monday: Pat Benatar

  1. Maybe you already noticed, I am not good at styling my hair at all. But this summer it is one of my goal to learn some new tricks. I hope it will work out! 😉


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