Accenting a Summer Dress

There are so many ways to do this effectively. In this post I have selected 3 beautiful dresses & several lovely pieces of jewelry to illustrate. All of the selections today come from Jolly Chic, a wonderful shop with an amazing array stylish offerings for just about every taste. You certainly won’t break the bank shopping any of today’s collections! As the days get longer & steadily hotter it only makes sense to garb in light & airy apparel, hence the focus of this post. 😉 Keep in mind that following my links will earn me a small commission from anything that you purchase.

Summer Dress01
Loosed Waist Bohemia Printed Female Summer Fresh Slip Dress ($18.99)
Circle Drop Women Tassels Pendant Earrings ($2.99)
Double-Layer Rhinestone Womens Fashion Necklace ($2.99)
Double-Layer Rhinestone Womens Fashion Necklace ($6.99)

Summer Dress02

Exotic Strapless Printing Asymmetrical Women Dress ($16.99)
Waterdrop Shaped Opal Pendant Rhinestone Bright Ear Studs ($3.99)
2-Layer Chain Sequined Gemstone Pendant Necklace ($3.99)
Leaf Pendant Chain Solid Fashion Arm Bracelet ($1.99)

Summer Dress03

Plus Size Leopard Floral Woman Chiffon Beach Dress ($16.99)
Bohemia Style Rhinestones Chain Drop Earrings ($4.99)
All Match Crystal Rose Pendant Long Necklace ($13.99)
Delicate Finger Tie Chain Lace Charm Bracelets ($7.99)

Fashion Fast Me -- Up To 70% OFF


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