Magnificent Monday: Aretha Franklin

Magnificent Monday

Who doesn’t hear “R.E.S.P.E.C.T. Find out what it means to me” when the name Aretha Franklin comes up? This influential singer continues to make a cultural splash to this day. Her message of empowerment is as timeless as the soul she belts it out with.

Aretha Franklin

She is & always has been amazingly beautiful, even in the midst her weight struggles. An icon for the ages, she has inspired me through so many years of my life. The Queen of Soul is a prodigy who began her profound career very near me. I’ve lived in the Memphis area for most of my life & I can’t help but feel a certain amount of pride & kinship with her even with this tiny amount of commonality. It’s not very surprising that every accomplished woman that I have every heard speak of her reveres her with a certain amount of awe. She has definitely earned respect the word over!

Inspired by the style of the stunning Aretha, I have made a few selections from Walmart, because you don’t have to be rich to accessorize like a star. 😉 Remember that my links are affiliate in nature, so if you follow them to do your shopping I will earn a small commission from your purchases.

Aretha Inspiration

1) BMC Gray Accent Color Gold Metal Lotus Flower Design Fashion Dangle Earrings ($3.49)
2) Zodaca Silver One Size Fashion Women’s Crystal Glass Buckle Bracelet Chain ($3.99)
3) Faux Pearl Single Strand Pearl 8MM Fashion Necklace, 17 ½” ($4.88)
4) Silver Tone Rhinestone Dangle Fashion Earrings ($4.88)
5) Double Hoop Drop Enamel Earrings ($6.99)
6) Silver-Tone Micro-Pave Crystal Trimmed Black Enamel Square Post Earrings ($8)
7) Silver-Tone Cable Chain Toggle Bracelet ($9.95)
8) Stunning Halo Ring with Blue CZ Cubic Zirconia ($9.99)
9) Stainless Steel Two-row Wheat Chain Bracelet ($15.72) USA, LLC


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