Summer Delight

Ordinarily I would be doing a decor post about this time of the month, but my wall art brand doesn’t seem to be doing an affiliate program anymore. So I decided I would return to my focus on the impending summer. 😀 Today’s selections are light & bohemian, perfect for the intense heat that will soon befall us. I’ve always enjoyed the free spirit style, I suppose it hearkens to my childlike spirit, bringing back fond memories of a childhood with summers spent swimming & playing around a bonfire. Each article from this collection comes from OASAP & if you use the code B30OFF at checkout you’ll get 30% off your purchase. Remember that following my links to shop will earn me a small commission, but only if you purchase something.

Summer Delight

Baroque-Inspired Slit Collar Half Sleeve Dress ($21)
Fashion Bejeweled Braided Flip-Flops Sandals ($24)
Chic Color-Blocked Spikes Stud Earrings ($13)
Vintage Floral Dangle Necklace ($24.36)
Multicolor Rhinestone Bracelet ($9.47)
Vintage Aqua Faux Stone Embellishment Rivet Rings ($16)

Oasap Limited


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