Fantastical Friday: Fancy Dress Party

Fantastical FridayDragon clip art attribution link

I have noticed that the term fancy dress does not mean the same thing in America as it does in other English speaking nations. My love of television & cinema is not limited to my nationality however so I have come to know that there is a huge difference between a black tie affair & a fancy dress party. So I’ve gone with the more common meaning which in America we call a costume party. I’m pretty sure that most of my readers have noticed that I have a love of costuming & fantasy, so I imagine it will not come as a shock to anyone when I announce that my absolute favorite holiday of the year is Halloween. It will be a while yet before Halloween rolls around, but that will never prevent me from enjoying the gaiety of fancy dress! To further share this love with my beautiful readers I have teamed with another lovely shop called Spirit of Halloween, which is available year round for costuming needs. Remember that my links are affiliate in nature, so if you follow them & purchase something I will receive a small commission.

Fancy Dress

Lady in Waiting Adult Womens Costume ($49.99)
Womens Wide Width Spicy Black Boots ($59.99)
Medieval Chain Earring ($5.99)
Claw Ball Necklace ($8.99)
Tribal Spinner Ring ($14.99)


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