Magnificent Monday: Kate Jackson

Magnificent Monday

As a child in the 80s I remember watching Charlie’s Angels, a lot. While much of the series just comes off as campy in this day & age it was acknowledged as influential enough for Hollywood to make a movie in 2003 & ABC to briefly try to reboot the series in 2011. For today’s post I’ve decided to go with Kate Jackson, a glamorous woman who was in the aforementioned series from from ’76 to ’79.

Angels Clipart

Television was a big influencer for my generation. I have fond memories of this & many other series. It might’ve been a bit silly, but it centered on powerful female characters who will not quickly be forgotten. What little girl doesn’t want womanly role models who can kick butt & still look fantastic? LOL

Kate Jackson

Wow, just look at that hair! I was also a little surprised to find that she’s an October baby, like myself, though I am a libra & she is a scorpio. Still it was a delightful discovery. Of course, Kate has so many more roles that she’s known for & quite a few of them are similar in their strength, but the little girl in me knows her mainly as Sabrina Duncan. & my links are affiliate in nature so I earn a small commission should you follow them & choose to make purchases.

Kate Inspiration

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