Odds & Ends

Today I decided that it was time to start thinking about Father’s Day, what with it being about a month away. I believe that I have mentioned in previous posts how my dad really loves comic books, though I do not believe that I have noted that he is retired from the U.S. Navy. My father is in no way perfect & despite our differences of opinion I have nothing but love for him. Walmart & while I normally do not showcase movies I felt the need to go there this time. I hope you are all thinking fondly of your fathers as well. Keep in mind that following my links to shop will earn me a small commission from anything you may choose to purchase.

Odds n Ends

1) Men’s Talking Watch with Record/Playback Functions ($8.45)
2) BMC 3pc Silver Color Mens Fashion Comic Bat Design Tie Bar Clip-Cufflinks Set ($10.99)
3) DC Comics Batman Stainless Steel Reversible Dog Tag Pendant ($12)
4) Men’s Stainless Steel Anchor Necklace ($16)
5) Men’s High-Polish Stainless Steel “DAD” Dog Tag Pendant Necklace ($18)
6) Marvel’s The Avengers – Blu-ray + DVD ($19.96)
7) Marvel Punisher Skull Steel Ring ($20.83)
8) Marvel: Guardians Of The Galaxy – Blu-ray ($22.19)
9) Daxx Men’s Stainless Steel Flaming Skull Fashion Necklace, 18″ ($26.99)

Wal-Mart.com USA, LLC


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