Fantastical Friday: Gamer Chic 1.0

Fantastical Friday

Dragon clip art attribution link

I’ve had a recent pattern of nerdy posts on Friday, which makes sense as it’s my main Dungeons & Dragons day. Yep, I have special days of exorbitant geekery LOL. So I have decided to give another day a theme on my blog, welcome to the new Fantastical Friday!

This week I’ve chosen to focus on a gamer ensemble, more specifically the franchise that the themed pieces come from is The Legend of Zelda. I gave the title a 1.0 because there are so many cool games I enjoy playing & I will no doubt at some point in the future decide to glorify them with collections for my blog. So bring on the Triumph Forks (LOL LoZ Wind Waker joke)! I didn’t forget the girly aspects either, the shirt itself features Princess Zelda herself & the pink flats round everything off nicely as well. All of these selections come from & choosing to follow my links to shop there will earn me a small commission from your purchases.


ZZY Vintage Legend Zelda T Shirt – Women’s Tees Black ($23.90)
U.S. Polo Assn. Women’s Capri Pant with Pop Color Side Stripe Piping ($15.48)
Women’s slip on flats with fabric upper and overlapping straps on the toe box ($4.99)
Triforce Stud Earrings – Legend of Zelda – Laser Engraved Acrylic ($10)
Legend of Zelda Removable Master Blue Sword Necklace Pendant ($5.98)
Legend of Zelda Bracelet by Stuff4Geekz ($12.90)
The Legend Of Zelda Triforce Gold Logo Ring Band NEW – Nintendo R4 ($9.99)


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