Night of the Living Ensemble

Okay, I admit it. I’m not just a jewelry obsessed trekkie nerd girl who enjoys a good LARP & cosplay. I’m also seriously into horror & I have a powerful love of comic books, games, movies & shows that include a little zombie apocalypse! Today’s collection draws from this other passion of mine. Actually, when I thought up the title of the post, I have to confess, I laughed for a good solid half hour. Every piece of this ensemble comes from Jolly Chic, a wonderful shop that is almost exclusively budget friendly. I could really see myself kicking some serious undead butt while wearing these lovely selections. Following my links to do your shopping will earn me a small commission on anything you may choose to purchase. Enjoy!


Floral Skull Digital Print Woman Vest ($6.99)
Punk Style Lace-up Sides Woman Leggings ($14.99)
Heel lifted Platform Peep Toe Boots For Women ($31.99)
Aestheticism Full Rhinestones Ear Clip ($5.99)
Vintage Design Chic Skull Short Necklace For Women ($4.99)
Individuality Skulls Alloy Bracelets For Women ($2.99)
Trendy Western Hot V Shape Women Silver Rings ($1.99)

Fashion Fast Me -- Up To 70% OFF


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