Magnificent Monday: Majel Barrett

Magnificent Monday

Starting a new Monday thing 😉 since I have been highlighting various influential women I decided it was time to theme the day. Welcome to the new Magnificent Monday!

This week I have chosen Majel Barrett Roddenberry. It’s difficult to think of her outside of the context of Star Trek. She was the first officer under Captain Pike, the original captain of the Enterprise. She was Nurse Chapel in the original full series working closely with Dr. Mccoy. In the Next Generation she was the voice of the Enterprise & Lwaxana Troi, mother of the ship’s counselor. She even married the legendary creator! Though she is no longer on the earthly plane her influence is still keenly felt.

Majel Barrett Roddenberry

With the incredible impact of the Star Trek franchise it really is not that amazing that the women who played such powerful characters would be so revered. While there are many lovely icons of the Trek universe none are more closely entwined with the mythos than the amazing Majel Barrett Roddenberry. I’m sure it’s obvious to many of my readers that I’m a trekkie, lol & I have been since I was a little girl.

Inspired by the style of the beautiful Majel I have made some selections from Target. The links in this post are affiliate in nature, should you follow them to do your shopping I will earn a small commission from your purchases. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do 😉

Barrett Inspiration

1) Women’s Dangle Earrings ($4.99)
2) Women’s Dangle Earrings with Acrylic Stones ($7.99)
3) Women’s Casted Linear Drop Earring with Epoxy and Bead settings ($7.99)
4) Women’s Dangle Earrings with Acrylic Stones and Beads ($7.99)
5) Women’s Dangle Earring with Acrylic Stone and Shell Teardrops ($7.99)
6) Stud Earrings and Chain Necklace Set ($9.99)
7) Link Chain Fashion Necklace ($12.99)


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