In contrast to statement pieces are the understated beauties. Today’s post gives homage to some simple yet elegant treasures. These selections come from my most expensive affiliate Carnet de Mode so they are not the most budget friendly but they are lovely nonetheless. Sometimes it does not take brash jewelry to glam up an ensemble & when those times come you may consider some of these graceful pieces. Using my links to do your shopping will earn me a small commission from your purchases.


1) Brass Skinny Bracelet ($32)
2) Ring – irresistible – Golden ($34)
3) Golden Bracelet Coin Discs and Freshwater Pearl ($40)
4) Brass Silver and Pink Gold Flower Earrings ($41)
5) Bracelet – Irresistible – Golden ($47)
6) Brass Necklace with Amethyst Drop ($51)
7) Green prehnite Malia Earrings ($53)
8) The Silver Triangle Ring ($59)
9) Niis Golden Brass and Quartz Necklace ($68)

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