Wonder Woman? Lynda Carter

Certainly one of those beautiful stars that did her part to help promote female power. She has had many different roles, including some voice acting in video games, but the one she is most known for is her portrayal of Wonder Woman in the 70s television series. She was both surprised & honored when she discovered that her iconic part turned her into a feminist role model. Despite my feelings about Wonder Woman I have huge respect for this lovely actress & have to admit that my early childhood, while not in the 70s, was heavily influenced by her.

Lynda Carter

As to my feelings about Wonder Woman in general, she has to be my all time least favorite comic book character. It doesn’t really matter to me that DC rewrote the whole concept of the Amazons. What does bother me is her inability to live up to her own concepts of femininity, at least in her early comic book iterations, seriously, she worked as a secretary for a man. I cannot imagine a female who was raised to think of woman as superior in all ways to man subjugating herself both willingly & convincingly to male. The biggest problem that I have with he is her need to belittle the power of females who do not come from her island & this is no more obvious than in her constant references to everything other than her homeland as “man’s world.” In order to say that phrase as often as she does indicates that she is completely convinced that women outside of her people have nothing to offer the world & have never contributed in any notable way to anything at all. Okay, so she’s not really just my least favorite but I harbor a very powerful dislike for Wonder Woman. I understand why so many women & girls like her, but I just can’t get past her sexist statements, it just provokes me in all kinds of ways.

Moving along, rather than just rant about the worst superheroine in the history of comic books, I would like to share with you some pieces inspired by the glamorous Lynda Carter. The last items to be included are a Wonder Woman set, because while I might not want to ever cosplay her there are many who would enjoy such. All of the selections come from Amazon.com (LOL, it’s kind of funny when you think about it, everything coming from Amazon….) & if you choose to follow my links to do your shopping I will earn a small commission from anything you purchase.

WW Selections

1) Yazilind Vintage Tibetan Silver Gothic Oval Turquoise Inlay Pendant Necklace Earrings Jewelry Set ($1.98)
2) MNH Fashion Gorgeous Elegant Jewelry Set–Leaf’s Love ($2.49)
3) Goldtone with Blue Dangling Multifaceted Rectangle Pendants with an 18 Inch Link Necklace and Matching Stud Earrings Jewelry Set ($2.95)
4) MNH Fashion Sweet Full Diamond Heart Shaped Jewelry Set ($2.99)
5) TIDOO Jewelry Fashion Womens Platinum Plated Double Pearl Pendant Earring Necklace Jewelry Sets With Austrian Crystal And Cubic Zicons 100% Man-made Trendy Elegance ($2.99)
6) Tibet Silver Artificial Amber Necklace Dangle Earrings Water Drop Pendant Set ($3.26)
7) niceeshop(TM) Love Heart Shape Crystal Rhinestone Swan Necklace and Earring Set ($3.59)
8) Faux Pearl Charm Pendant Necklace + Earring Set Silver ($3.84)
9) Pooqdo(TM) Fashion Women Imitation Pearl Necklace Bracelet Earrings Set Jewelry ($5.92)

Wonder Woman Set

Wonder Woman Costume Tiara & Cuff Set ($47.99)


One thought on “Wonder Woman? Lynda Carter

  1. I found I don’t know any of them you talked about on your blog. Probably I need to watch more older movies. 😉 But certainly the gold cuff with red star caught my attention! 😉


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