Thrown Together

As many of you are probably aware, I like a good role play. There is something special about casting yourself into a good fantasy that is liberating. I’ve always thought of it as an interactive fantasy novel, one where as a female I am not required to be the damsel in distress, but can be a great hero of the story. Today I have collected a couple of simple character ideas. If I could ever commit fully to a single character I would probably go through more expense & take greater care toward the authentic look, but that is unlikely to ever happen LOL. Let’s be real for a sec here, it is never practical to battle or quest in heels, but they look so freaking good with the rest of the outfit, lol. The costumes are impractical in other ways too, about as authentic as Xena’s barely covering the, we’ll call them, “vitals” leathers. In the end though, who really cares about authenticity when we are simply creating an illusion for ourselves as we immerse into a wondrous fiction. My selections today come from PinkBasis & Target, as one is great for year ’round costume availability & the other is better for accessories. Be aware that using my links or banners to do your shopping will earn me a small commission from anything you may choose to purchase. Well then, GAME ON!!


Black Burgundy Royal Knightess Costume ($52.99)
Black Elbow Length Lace Up Gloves ($21.99)
Black Seamless Fishnet Keyhole Pantyhose ($16.99)
Black Slouchy Wedge Boots Faux Leather ($44.99)
Long Sword – 4’ ($14.79)
Silver Horse Head Stud Earrings ($12.99)
Sterling Silver Horse Necklace ($14.99)


Black Silver Joan Of Arc Costume ($62.99)
Grey Elbow Length Lace Up Gloves ($21.99)
Black Seamless Fishnet Keyhole Pantyhose ($16.99)
Grey Cuffed Heel Boots Faux Leather ($27.99)
300: Rise Of An Empire – Themistocles Roman Sword – OSFM ($9.99)
Women’s Tressa Collection Cross Stud Earrings – Silver ($14.99)
Women’s Sterling Silver Diamond Accent Thin Cross Stationed Necklace ($19.99)


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