Dark Dreams

This post’s ensemble come from the collections of OASAP, a brand that truly understands that we want to get the most bang for our buck. I love shopping around their wallet friendly styles, where I can find high end looking clothing & accessories for bargain bin prices! The title is based on the chief color of the lacy ensemble I put together for your perusing today & it’s another idea that would be perfect for a young woman. While the bangles & rings are not super special I like that you get many in one pack that can easily be stacked. Remember that if you follow my links or banners to do your shopping I will receive a small commission from the purchases you choose to make.

Dark Dreams

All Black Lace Party Skater Dress ($24)
Vintage Metal Detailing Stretch Waist Belt ($14)
OL Lady Peep-toe Platforms ($51.96)
Candy Color PU Leather Zippered Mini Shoulder Bag ($30.24)
Luxe Oval Pattern Rhinestones Deco Drop Earrings ($19)
Wishfull Golden Crescent Necklace ($16)
Vintage Studded Bracelet Set ($9.32)
Stackable Metallic Vintage Ring Set ($12)

Oasap Limited


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