A Marvel Moment

Have to say I was a little disappointed that I had to pull the t-shirt for this look from the men’s section. Not that I mind wearing men’s shirts, it just implies that Walmart, or perhaps Marvel, think that the fangirl is mythical. I found many, many watches as well, not a one of them meant for a woman to wear. On an odd side note, it does seem that Captain American has found his way to decorating bras meant for teenagers….. not really sure where to go with that one LOL. Anyway, Spider-Man has long been one of my favorite superheroes (always a toss up between him & Batman) & one of my youngest nieces feels similarly about this troubled youth who finds his inner hero. Remember that this post contains affiliate links, so if you choose to follow them to do your shopping I will earn a small commission from anything you may purchase. 😉

Marvel Moment

Spiderman Sublimation Men’s Graphic Tee ($8.92)
Jordache Women’s Pull-On Denim Jegging ($12)
Style & Co Bubble Womens Size 11 Red Peep Toe Mary Janes Heels Shoes ($12.99)
Marvel Red Amazing Spiderman Mask Logo 316L Surgical Steel 18G 1mm Stud Earrings ($9.99)
Spider-Man Marvel Stainless Steel Youth Pendant, 16″ ($12)
Marvel Comics Avengers Silver Spiderman Head & Web Hero Chain Charm Bracelet ($13.99)
Marvel Womens Silver Spiderman Engraved Spider Web Ring ($8.99)

Wal-Mart.com USA, LLC


2 thoughts on “A Marvel Moment

  1. I love this did you see the new Avengers movie!? So good! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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