Nubile Indulgence

As much as the budget doesn’t like it, sometimes a splurge is in order. While I do not normally indulge an expensive style very often & don’t suggest it as a frequent activity, there are those times when we just have to treat ourselves. Today’s ensemble idea is meant for a young lady, who obviously must have means as the selections come from the most expensive company I affiliate with lol. Everything in this post comes from Carnet de Mode which is a higher end shop, complete with higher end prices. If you follow any of my links to shop the style I will receive a small commission from anything you may purchase.

Nubile Indulgence

Ankara Swing Dress ($175)
Black Leather Zip Ankle Boots De Siena – Greta ($280)
Bag Ball Shaped with Fringe ($257)
Green leather bird shaped earrings – Roxane ($53)
Necklace – Bérénice – CHARCOAL Grey ($60)
Gold-Plated Brass Isis Bracelet ($47)
Brass and Gold Ring with Arrow Pagan ($54)

336x280 General


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