A Fan Girl Moment

I’ve been spying a few interesting things at Walmart that I knew I would have to do a few posts about at some point. This is the beginning. 😉 Maybe something with Spider-Man next time, lol. I have long been a huge Batman fan, I think there is something about this particular superhero, who has no super powers, that makes him so appealing to the average person. Well, that is unless you consider being unthinkably rich & having the mind of Sherlock Holmes super powers, lol. Perhaps I am also influence by my father who has a major love for this special character. However my fandom came to me, the fact remains that I hold a special place in my heart for this shady hero. I thought it appropriate to go with more girly touches with the jewelry pieces & the lovely shoes because there is nothing wrong with a girl enjoying fandom of any hero; we should revel in who & what we are. 🙂 As with so many of my posts my links are affiliate links & following them to make any purchases will earn me a small commission from anything you may choose to purchase.

Fan Girl

Juniors Batman Figure Graphic Tee ($7.88)
Jordache Women’s Pull-On Denim Jeggings ($12)
Faded Women’s Charmi A-Line Flat ($9.87)
DC Comics Batgirl Sterling Silver Batman Logo Pink Crystal Stud Earrings ($24)
DC Comics Batgirl Sterling Silver Batman Logo Pink Crystal Pendant ($24)
Connections from Hallmark DC Comics Batgirl Stainless Steel Batman Logo “Girl Porwer!” Multi-Charm Bangle ($18)

Wal-Mart.com USA, LLC


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