Sultry Chic

Today is all about spice! My selections come from Lane Bryant & I must say that the dress is smoking hot! LOL I always find beautiful things when I rummage their shop & I do so enjoy sharing some of the lovelies that I find. Check out these treasures, especially wonderful should there be a date night imminent. 😉 If you follow any of my links to do your shopping I will earn a small commission from any of your purchases. Have fun 😉


Control Tech Spliced Stripe Dress ($149.95)
Cut-Out Chain Belt ($34.95)
Adriana Leather Overwrap Heel ($109)
Perforated Wristlet Bag ($34.95)
Double Teardrop Earrings ($14.95)
Bead Necklace with Plate Pendant ($34.95)
3 Row Curved Bangle Bracelet Set ($19.95)
Beaded Stretch Bracelet with Charm ($14.95)
Cubic Zirconium Stacked 3-Ring Set ($19.95)
Rhinestone Wrap Ring ($19.95)

Lane Bryant


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