First, I need to say that I hate UPS. They are absolutely the worst parcel service I have ever had any dealings with. I ordered a gift for one of my younger nieces from Target, also to be noted that the item was an online exclusive that could not be sent to the store for pick up. The shipping service that they use is (urgh!) UPS! Now, my general problem with this particular carrier of packages is their unreliability, when they do actually succeed in delivering what they are supposed to they do not knock (unless the sender has set up signature confirmation), even when it is totally obvious to any casual observer that people are home. I haven’t always lived in a good neighborhood & back when I was on such a not so reputable block they would just set packages on the porch, making no attempt to alert the occupants to the presence of said packages. That’s just an invitation to ruin one’s holiday plans.

Crying Emote

Anyway, moving on to the point of my problem with them this time. I received an email notice from Target that my package had been delivered. Well, I hadn’t seen it, so I spent the next 2 days tearing up the house & yard, all the while interrogating everyone about it (I have a large family, it takes a while to question everyone). The package simply wasn’t here. So I sent an email to Target’s customer support explaining the problem. They were very kind & were working with me, after asking me to check my porch & yard again they then asked me to wait a few days as sometimes packages were misreported as delivered but arrive a few days later. So okay, I search through all of the emails about my order I found the clickable tracking number that UPS had provided & they claimed that they had delivered it during a time where there were no less than 12 people at the house, fully conscious & mostly in the front yard. Yet the truck was never even seen on the street. Now 6 days after the package was supposedly delivered, I replied to the last message from Target, as I was instructed to do if it still failed to arrive, to report that there still was no package.

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Fortune smiled on me this time however. A few hours after I sent that email, a neighbor from several streets away, whom none of us know at all, came over to the house to give us our package that had been delivered to their house by mistake. It was very kind of them to bring it by & I was overjoyed! Seems their house number is the same as ours, while the name of the street is very different. So in other words, the UPS delivery person had thought maybe a street name that clearly starts with an M might actually start with a B instead, then reported it as being delivered to the correct address when it in fact was not. If my address had not been correct on the package, there is no way the neighbor could have done what UPS could not & bring it around to the correct destination.

So as it is, the kindness of our previously unknown neighbors saved the day, perhaps even the year! My niece finally received her gift & she was so very happy. The order was rather simple, nothing large, just a 3 piece ear cuff set, but it meant the world to us for the time. Her favorite is the one with the dangling feathers, which doesn’t really surprise me at all. lol

Alex Ear Cuffs

I’m sure that Target would’ve made it right as their customer support was doing everything they could to help me. I do so hope they change their parcel service & soon. Please remember that following my links to make your purchases will earn me a small commission & you might consider items that they offer store pick-up for rather than deal with the nightmare known as UPS. Thanks for taking the time to read this 😉


2 thoughts on “Finally

  1. Oh wow what an ordeal, I am sorry you went through that trouble, that is a pain. I am glad your niece got her package.
    Rachel xo

    Garay Treasures

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