Sometimes you just have to be edgy & let your more daring fashionista out for a bit! Today’s ensemble is inspired by this feeling, with beautiful blacks & shiny silver tones. Everything in this post is from OASAP, one of my pocketbook friendly affiliates. When I was a teen, on those occasions I wasn’t going for a grunge look, black & silver were my best friends, as the goth girl I truly was at heart. While this collection is toward the dark side, it glories in the color scheme, it’s more punk than goth. Again I point out that following my affiliate links to do your shopping will earn me a small commission from any purchases you choose to make. Hope you enjoy the selections 😉


Black Sexy Lace Skirt Set ($19)
Spike Lace Up Chunky Heels ($80.39)
Punk Studded Skull Clutch ($27.90)
Luxe Metallic Fox Waist Belt with Rhinestones ($13.44)
Stellar Spike Ear Cuff ($6.90)
Snake Hollow Chain Plated Necklace ($8)
Cross Braided Bracelet ($4.90)
Antique Silver Metallic Women Ring with Rhinestones ($18)

Oasap Limited


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