More Thoughts of Mom

With Mother’s Day not too far away, it’s only natural to continue considering gift ideas. Today I chose not to focus as specifically on my mom’s tastes with today’s selections. Despite feeling that I honor my mother every day, I think it’s wonderful to take the time to dedicate a special day of gratitude to the woman (or women, depending on how “traditional” your family model is) who brought you into this world (or into her heart) & put up with you for so many years. I know I have certainly tried my mother’s patience on so many occasions & yet we are still very close. Today’s suggestions come from Carnet de Mode, the higher end of shops I affiliate with. If you follow the link in this paragraph or any of the banner ads in my blog (for the aforementioned store), I will receive a small commission from your purchases.


1) Shining Gold & Pearl Bracelet ($134)
2) La Defelante ($122)
3) The Dream Catcher ($108)
4) Long Necklace – Turquoise Lizard – Apache ($99)
5) The Red Diamond ($95)
6) Bronze Brass with a Blue Charm LADYLAND JC23 ($75)
7) Lola ($87)
8) Silver Necklace with Multiple Charms – Flight ($73)
9) Gold Bracelet with a Pink Rose Charm Agathe ($61)
10) Sultane – Sterling Silver ($51)

100x60 General


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