Colors of Spring: Bracelets

I’m so happy that spring is here, even though we’ve already had some of the infamous April showers. I thought I would take a moment of my dear readers’ time to showcase some of the beautiful & seasonal bracelets found at my boutiqe, similarly named Orbb’s Fashion. With the nature of the season centering more on renewal & youth my selections were made based on color & playful feel to each piece. I have put them in no particular order, unlike the earring countdown I did in a previous post, lol. I also ask that you forgive my less than stellar thrown together image, for I noticed a small error where a small section of the Nabby Bracelet has been whited out (oops, lol). I hope you enjoy the enthusiasm of the featured treasures in this post as much as I do. Thank you all for reading this. 😀

Spring Bracelets

1) Kenna Bracelet ($60)
2) Luella Peridot ($46)
3) Luella Fuschia ($46)
4) Nabby Bracelet ($28)
5) Claudette Amethyst ($42)
6) Stacia Bangle Set ($56)
7) Layla Peridot ($68)


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