S&A Product Review

I was very excited to find that my Style & Apply product had arrived! Then there was the time spent on prepping the living room walls & trying to figure out just exactly where each piece was going. The items I’m using are the Floral Butterfly Set, Article #DS 698, as they coordinate quite well with our existing decor. Following the link in this paragraph or the Style & Apply banner at the bottom of this post to do your shopping will earn a small commission for me. I was not paid for this post, but it is to be noted that I did receive a free product valued at $19.95 for the purpose of this review.

Packaging: The product came in a large tube, like a jumbo scroll. I loved the cute sticker of a dog carrying a similar package & excitedly announcing “WOOFFFF, IT’s HERE! LET’s DO THIS…” Very cute ❤

Product: All 15 of the beautiful floral butterflies came on one large coiled up sheet. Being a fan of the fantasy genre I couldn’t help but get more swept up into things with it resembling a giant scroll, large enough to be a map or captain’s chart. LOL

Application: First I washed the wall, then I cut sections out of the big sheet so I could more readily apply each piece. It was a bit time consuming preparing & placing each individual butterfly, but I feel that it was well worth the effort given the final overall look.

Ease of Use: The product was just as easy to apply as the youtube video (see video below) & the paper with instructions lead me to believe. While a bit time consuming, there was no difficulty at all.

Opinion: I absolutely love these beautiful butterflies! They go so well with the framed picture. The whole family is impressed at how perfectly the color accents the rest of the decor. I would definitely recommend similar products from Style & Apply to anyone who wants to liven up their walls. They are so easy to place & add an almost magical touch to the whole room. Take a look at the following picture to see how my adventure turned out. 😀 Sorry the pic is not the best, we used the best phone camera we had (actually tried them all with various types of lighting lol) & this was the best of them. 🙂


There are so many different items to choose from Style & Apply & you are by no means restricted to just living room selections. They have many items meant for any kind of room you want to place them in. So many lovely choices, so few walls, LOL.

Nubile Indulgence

As much as the budget doesn’t like it, sometimes a splurge is in order. While I do not normally indulge an expensive style very often & don’t suggest it as a frequent activity, there are those times when we just have to treat ourselves. Today’s ensemble idea is meant for a young lady, who obviously must have means as the selections come from the most expensive company I affiliate with lol. Everything in this post comes from Carnet de Mode which is a higher end shop, complete with higher end prices. If you follow any of my links to shop the style I will receive a small commission from anything you may purchase.

Nubile Indulgence

Ankara Swing Dress ($175)
Black Leather Zip Ankle Boots De Siena – Greta ($280)
Bag Ball Shaped with Fringe ($257)
Green leather bird shaped earrings – Roxane ($53)
Necklace – Bérénice – CHARCOAL Grey ($60)
Gold-Plated Brass Isis Bracelet ($47)
Brass and Gold Ring with Arrow Pagan ($54)

336x280 General

Beautiful Time

Another post inspired by the upcoming Mother’s Day, this time I have a collection of fashion watches that would make wonderful gifts. In the fast paced society we live in everyone needs something to help them chronologically synchronize with their daily to do lists. While the telling of time can be very important to all of us, it’s also great to do so with style & flair. The selections for this post come from JollyChic as they have many marvelous watches to choose from. This post contains affiliate links, so if you follow them to do your shopping I will earn a small commission from your purchases.

Gift of Time
1) Layers Weave Wrap Around Leather Brown Retro Bracelet Watch ($6.99)
2) Hollow Flower Round Case Quartz Wrist Watch ($6.99)
3) Nice Rhinestone Round Case Quartz Wrist Watch ($7.99)
4) Luxury Rose Gold Crystal Lady Women White Quartz Analog Watch ($5.99)
5) Wide Band Nice Flower Rhinestone Wrist Watch ($6.99)
6) Round Shape High Quality Quartz Wrist Watch ($7.99)
7) Dual Time Zone Pendant Quartz Watch With Chain ($7.99)
8) Rhinestone Round Case Quartz Wrist Watch ($6.99)
9) Lady Dragonfly Crystal Party Ball Analog Quartz Watch ($21.99)
10) Elegant Leather Bling Crystal Lady Women Quartz Dress Watch ($21.99)

Fashion Fast Me -- Up To 70% OFF

Childhood Inspiration

Today’s post will be a bit different, this time I thought I would discuss a woman who inspired me so much in my childhood. I think she is still one of the most beautiful women alive even now. Her incredible beauty is not the only thing I found to be of influence to my younger self, but her presence & the fact that she was a woman with a powerfully important role on a show I still rewatch to this day. Who is this woman you might ask, well none other than Nichelle Nichols. I haven’t really made a secret of being a nerd & I think I was a trekkie (some use the term trekker, nothing wrong with it, just I was taught my way when I was a little girl in the 80s) while growing in a cozy & personal amniotic sea. It was wonderful to see a woman who was an integral part of the bridge crew, though being honest about it, Roddenberry moved communications to the bridge (it’s never on the bridge in real naval vessels) just to get a woman on the bridge. Many of you may not be aware but there was one episode of the real original Star Trek which was cancelled for daring to have a female first officer. Yes, that’s right, the creator of Star Trek dared to dream that in the future women might hold higher military positions than they did in the 60s perhaps even equal to that of men, but he forgot that The Twilight Zone & The Outer Limits claimed to do their stories in another reality that had no relationship with ours to get away with making bold societal conjectures.

Nyota Uhura(I learned later that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. talked her into staying with the show, as an inspiring black woman)

Back to my topic, I distracted myself there for a bit, lol. Beautiful, glamorous & always seems to wear incredible statement jewelry. In the above picture the accessories had to comply with Star Fleet regs (LOL), but outside of her various roles she always seems to have the right pieces on. Every time I see Nichelle I’m star struck & she has remained so very elegant & graceful through the years. One of my childhood idols that has never disappointed me.

Nichelle Nichols
I’ve put together a few pieces from JollyChic that are in a similar vein, while also being totally different. LOL Yes, I am aware of just how ambiguous that last statement was. My links are affiliate in nature, so if you follow them to do your shopping I will receive a small commission from your purchases. 🙂

Inspired Jewelry
1) Bohemia Bead Pendant Stylish Vintage Necklace ($5.99)
2) Double Layers Beads Women Fashion Necklace ($16.99)
3) Retro Style Vivid Sequined Beads Pendant Necklace ($7.99)
4) Bohemia Style Layers Resin Stones Chain Necklaces ($4.99)
5) Luxury Colorful Stones Layers Necklaces For Women ($15.99)
6) Graceful Pearl Flower Bride Wedding Necklace Drop Earrings ($11.99)
7) Special Design Bohemia Macadam Necklace For Women ($10.99)

A Fan Girl Moment

I’ve been spying a few interesting things at Walmart that I knew I would have to do a few posts about at some point. This is the beginning. 😉 Maybe something with Spider-Man next time, lol. I have long been a huge Batman fan, I think there is something about this particular superhero, who has no super powers, that makes him so appealing to the average person. Well, that is unless you consider being unthinkably rich & having the mind of Sherlock Holmes super powers, lol. Perhaps I am also influence by my father who has a major love for this special character. However my fandom came to me, the fact remains that I hold a special place in my heart for this shady hero. I thought it appropriate to go with more girly touches with the jewelry pieces & the lovely shoes because there is nothing wrong with a girl enjoying fandom of any hero; we should revel in who & what we are. 🙂 As with so many of my posts my links are affiliate links & following them to make any purchases will earn me a small commission from anything you may choose to purchase.

Fan Girl

Juniors Batman Figure Graphic Tee ($7.88)
Jordache Women’s Pull-On Denim Jeggings ($12)
Faded Women’s Charmi A-Line Flat ($9.87)
DC Comics Batgirl Sterling Silver Batman Logo Pink Crystal Stud Earrings ($24)
DC Comics Batgirl Sterling Silver Batman Logo Pink Crystal Pendant ($24)
Connections from Hallmark DC Comics Batgirl Stainless Steel Batman Logo “Girl Porwer!” Multi-Charm Bangle ($18)

Wal-Mart.com USA, LLC


This will be my first post about my recent affiliation with Pink Basis & I must say that they have a lovely & very interesting collection. They do not boast of many accessories, but they have an amazing assortment of garments, especially dresses & a truly epic collection of shoes. Next to jewelry, I would have to say that shoes are my favorite things, lol. I will probably be coordinating jewelry from elsewhere with clothing & shoes from this lovely shop in the future. I love how so many of their beautiful items are so very affordable, even more when they are on sale too! This whole ensemble totals to around $83 with the most expensive item being the dress that is itself less than $30. My links to this site are affiliate links, so be aware that if you follow them to do your shopping I will earn a small commission from your purchases. Happy shopping 😉


White Crochet Sleeveless Bodycon Clubwear Dress ($27.99)
Fuchsia Ruffle Side Platform Wedges Faux Suede ($19.99)
Fuchsia Jade High Polish Draped Chain Studded Earrings ($9.99)
Fuchsia Gold Carved Texture Two Tone Bib Necklace ($12.99)
Silver Gold Glitter Detail Bangle Set ($5.99)
Gold Spiral Detail Bangle Set ($5.99)

Office Days

I’ve decided to go with a more formal office look for this post. There are many formal occasions throughout our lives & thus far I have left that aspect unexplored. Today’s selections will remedy the aforementioned oversight. This classy selection comes from Amazon.com. As this style is meant for a more traditional office or interview I went with subtle accessories that both demonstrate fashion sense & showcase practical sensibilities. The whole look is amazingly affordable as well. Following my links to do your shopping will earn me a small commission from your purchases. I hope this post inspires your work attire or helps you land that job you’re interviewing for. 😉


niceeshop(TM) Women’s Formal Office Button Down Shirt Ruffle OL Blouse ($13.59
Womens Floral Work Midi Pencil Skirt Ladies Mesh Rose Party ($3.98)
Shoes 18 Ladies Veleveteen Ballet Flat Loafer Shoes W/Chain Embellishment ($14.99)
MKF Collection STIELLA Cross Body Shoulder Handbag ($20)
Nine West “Get Charmed” Gold-Tone 2-Strand Spiritual Pendant Necklace and Stud Earrings Jewelry Set ($9.47)
Nine West “Get Charmed” Gold-Tone Lotus Rosary Temporary Tattoo Set Chain Bracelet ($4.72)
BestDealUSA Stylish Steel Wire Rhombus Rhinestone Girl Lady Women Wrist Bracelet Watch ($0.87)
T Tahari “Shades” Topaz Navette Ring ($14)