Top 10 Kitsy Lane Earrings

This time I wanted to do something a little different, so things aren’t too boring lol. So I’m going to count down the top 10 earring picks from my boutique, also named Orbb’s Fashion. Selection is based on quality & my personal taste. So starting from number 10:


10) The Caroling Earrings ($22) are perfect for daily wear & versatile enough to coordinate for a night out.


9) The Sloane Earrings ($40) have just the right amount of mystery with the combination of triple ouroboros & cut onyx.


8) The Sasha Earrings ($28) add a lovely pop of color & are fabulous for everyday use.


7) The magnificent Lulu Earrings ($28) are a magical addition to a dressy or sophisticated look.


6) The cut crystals in the Isobel Earrings ($37) make a dazzling effect when draped from the lobes!


5) The Claudia Earrings ($64) add rich color to a variety of events & daily style choices.


4) I adore the chic Leeza Earrings ($40) with their elegant sophistication.


3) The jaw dropping beauty of the Vivica Earrings ($48) almost put these lovelies at the top of my list.


2) The elegant Gianna Silver Tone Earrings ($44) are simply spectacular.


1) Topping my list are the stunning Kathryn Earrings ($40). Who doesn’t love chandelier earrings?

Sisterhood of the World Blogger Award :D

I want to thank Grace of Color and Grace for her nomination. She has a wonderful blog I think everyone should be reading. I’m so very grateful to have been selected for The Sisterhood of the World Blogger Award! 😀


The rules are:
1. Thank and link the blogger who nominated you.
2. Answer the 10 questions your nominator has provided.
3. Nominate ten other bloggers.
4. Create 10 questions for your nominees and notify them on their nomination.

1. If you could only visit one foreign country which would it be?

When I was a little girl I was obsessed with Australia & while travel doesn’t really appeal to me now I  suppose that would be my selection.

2. What behavior from other people in the restaurant where you’re eating drives you crazy?

I don’t care for people being excessively loud & obnoxious when I am trying to have a meal with someone.

3. What accomplishment are you most proud of?

You wouldn’t think this would be the hardest question, but in a way it is. I don’t really have any glamorous accomplishments, but I really enjoy working with my little sister, nieces & nephew with their homework. Some of their school projects have turned out very well & are a real source of pride. 🙂

4. What person from history would you most like to meet?

Gosh, there have been so many great people throughout history, it’s so hard to decide. Maybe Nickola Tesla, as there are many things I would like clarified.

5. Where is your dream vacation destination?

I get lost so easily that I do not actually enjoy traveling. I do love to thumb through pictures of beautiful places all over the world. There is a nearby forest that I enjoy camping in, though I haven’t been for a long while I believe I would enjoy another excursion there. 🙂

6. What happened to make you decide to begin blogging?

A number of life changes occurred to inspire me to branch out into the wonderful world of blogging. The biggest was perhaps that I experienced a tragedy when a very close friend passed away & the fact that the same friend was a roommate also caused a huge reduction in household income, so I became even more motivated to promote my boutique. Subsequently my blog has expanded & while it hasn’t been especially profitable, yet, I believe that it has helped me restore structure to my life & grow personally.

7. What language do you wish you could speak?

All of them, communication is a powerful tool. At this time I only have a few words in several different languages, but I would enjoy being a linguist. Reading other languages would also be epic.

8. Which super power do you want and why?

Well, Bruce Wayne’s money would be nice lol. I think I’d have to go with Wolverine’s epic regeneration.

9. You have to run out of your burning house (everyone is safe) and you can only grab one item, what?

Hmmm, good question, probably my computer. Of course that’s with the assumption that pets are included in everyone being safe. 😉

10. Every TV show gets cancelled except one. Which do you choose?

Holy crap! That would totally ruin my week lol. Having to choose only one I have to keep The Walking Dead.

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My questions:
1) What inspires you the most?
2) Who is your favorite author?
3) What inspired you to start blogging?
4) What are your favorite series? (TV, comics, etc)
5) Do you have a favorite movie? If so, what is it?
6) Do you game? If so, what’s your favorite?
7) Who are your role models? (all answers are acceptable; family, fictional characters, famous people, ect)
8) What are your aspirations?
9) Do you have a hobby? (I enjoy crochet 🙂 )
10) What’s a little know fact about you? (of course one you don’t mind sharing with the internet)

While I follow all of your blogs & will be reading your responses I think having a link to your post in the comments will add symmetry, should you decide to accept my nomination. 😀

Everyday Style

I’ve put together another practical outfit, because, let’s face it, life is more full of day to day living than it is of special occasions. This time I have pulled selections from Walmart as most neighborhoods have one & of course it’s always available online for those of us who prefer to do our shopping from home. The jewelry pieces all make use of beautiful garnets, in this case each are the red version of that stone. Many semiprecious stones are very versatile & quite a few varieties come in different colors & shades. I digress a bit, lol, on to the ensemble!

Everyday Style

Plus Metallic Sweater Kimono ($15.98)
Jordache Plus-Size Skinny Jegging ($18.88)
Earth Spirit Laci T-strap Sandal ($19.97)
Straw Wide Stripe Floppt Hat ($7.97)
Brown Designer Rhinestone Sunglasses – UV Protect ($7.14)
Brinley Co. Studded Buckle Detail Satchel ($49.99)
Garnet Stud Earrings ($8.95)
Silver Pear-cut Garnet Cubic Zirconia 3D Wave Necklace ($17.84)
Silver Three-strand Garnet Chip Bracelet ($23.99)
Palm Beach Jade & Garnet Ring (34.99) USA, LLC

About Town

This time I looked all over Amazon for a feminine yet practical look. I finally found the right items that were both comfortable & stunning. Perfect for everyday wear while being lovely enough that you won’t feel too dressed down if you find yourself surprised with a lunch date. Keep in mind that if you follow my links I will earn a commission on your purchases. Thank you for taking the time to read this post, wonderful readers. 😉

About Town

Patty Boutik Floral Lace Top $39.99
100% Cotton Capri Cargo Pants $5.99
Kaymann Strap Sandal 4 inch Wedge Heels $25.99
Bohemian Sling Crossbody Purse $15.99
UZZO Straw Wide Brim Sun Visor $10.99
DG Designer Shades – Block 100% UVB UVA $11.99
Round Peridot Silver Pendant Earrings Set $24.99
Silver Polished Peridot Ring $21.25
Silver Plated Tree of Life Peridot Cuff $22.99

Budgetable Style

I love shopping the always amazing AOSAP. They have such a wonderful selection & completely wallet friendly style! Spring is almost here, so I put something together that feels a little playful. As with many of my posts, if you follow my links to shop I will receive a commission. Hope you love the look as much as I do. 😉

Buget Style

Muse Goddess Wide-Leg Jumpsuit (ON SALE $13.90)
Fashion Candy Color Bow Crossbody Shoulder Bag ($20.44)
Vintage Round Sunglasses (ON SALE $9.90)
Street-chic Lace-up Platform Boots ($59.90)
Luxury Bowknot Hat Earrings (ON SALE $9.37)
Vintage Metal Plate Floral Faux Stone Necklace (ON SALE $11.76)
Fabulous Box Chain Bracelet ($5.90)
Antique Delicate Faux Gemstone Women Ring (ON SALE $9.24)

Oasap Limited

Ode to Spring

I know that many of us, myself included, are pining for a return to warmer times. This post will be using items found at Carnet de Mode, the most expensive brand that I work with. Following my links to shop the look, I will earn a commission on your purchases. Now as to my outfit & jewelry selections, I was daydreaming about spring so I went with a lighter look with warm temperatures in mind. Hope you enjoy 😉

Ode to Spring

Pleated Dress – V Marble – Silk ($482)
Golden Metallic Leather Sandals ($236)
Bag Ball Shaped with Fringe ($257)
Circe – Honey Striped Shades ($473)
Gold Plated Brass Earrings with Gold Leaves ($19)
Gold Plated Brass Necklace ($50)
Gold Plated Bracelet with Golden Feather ($37)
Gold & Teal Blue Mille Bracelet ($31)
Cabochon Double – Ring ($108)