That Which Sparkles

In this post I have compiled some of the more glittery of Kitsy Lane jewelry, available in my boutique. I limited myself to 10 selections, while there are plenty of other pieces of eye candy that fit my topic but I opted to keep it somewhat simple. Just as a helpful reminder I did a post a little bit back on cleaning costume jewelry & I’m linking that older post here. Hope you enjoy today’s showcased selections. 😀 I am listing the pieces in order from the upper left moving to the right. 😉

That Which Sparkles

Amerie Bracelet ($62)
Bev Necklace ($62)
Esther Necklace ($74)
Mona Necklace ($62)
Cameron Earrings ($42)
Melody Necklace ($50)
Grace Necklace ($72)
Penelope Ring ($60)
Valeria Bracelet ($68)
Michelle Silver Tone Earrings ($40)

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