Goth Chic

When I was a girl the word “goth” was being coined to describe a look I had gravitated to. It was only a few years after I threw myself into it that I began to notice others wearing a similar style & to hear people talking about goths. Perhaps it had something to do with my love of Edgar Allan Poe, or reading the Vampire Chronicles, but for a time it represented me. Of course in my day heavy stainless steel & silver jewelry was a must, also stylized skull clothing did not come in pink. I was really surprised to find that most of the jewelry selection was gold toned or brass, which seems a little solar for such a lunar look, but this is a whole new stage of fashion so I went with it. If you follow my links to shop styles I will receive a commission on your purchases.

Goth Chic

Slim Sequins Zip Waist Coat ($27.99)
Hottest Dog Skull Printing H Back Sleeveless Top ($5.99)
Lace Splicing Long Skort Leggings ($20.99)
Fashion Chunk Heel Hollow Out Lace-Up Black Boots ($32.99)
Pearl Tassel Patchwork Vintage Shoulder Bag ($57)
Fashion Punk Style Big Frame Vintage Sunglasses ($22.99)
Dazzling Skull Pattern Tassel Alloy Earrings ($4.99)
78 cm Design Spider Shape Hollow Out Necklace ($8.99)
25 cm Patchwork Skulls Rope Pendant Necklace ($9.99)
Fashion Skull Rhinestone Bracelet ($5.99)
Skeleton Pattern Retro Unique Ring ($2.99)

2 thoughts on “Goth Chic

  1. I used to be in the “goth” stage in my life for a bit while in high school and my love for the band Skillet probably helped with that. Great picks!
    Rachel xo
    Garay Treasures

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