Top 10 Kitsy Lane Earrings

This time I wanted to do something a little different, so things aren’t too boring lol. So I’m going to count down the top 10 earring picks from my boutique, also named Orbb’s Fashion. Selection is based on quality & my personal taste. So starting from number 10:


10) The Caroling Earrings ($22) are perfect for daily wear & versatile enough to coordinate for a night out.


9) The Sloane Earrings ($40) have just the right amount of mystery with the combination of triple ouroboros & cut onyx.


8) The Sasha Earrings ($28) add a lovely pop of color & are fabulous for everyday use.


7) The magnificent Lulu Earrings ($28) are a magical addition to a dressy or sophisticated look.


6) The cut crystals in the Isobel Earrings ($37) make a dazzling effect when draped from the lobes!


5) The Claudia Earrings ($64) add rich color to a variety of events & daily style choices.


4) I adore the chic Leeza Earrings ($40) with their elegant sophistication.


3) The jaw dropping beauty of the Vivica Earrings ($48) almost put these lovelies at the top of my list.


2) The elegant Gianna Silver Tone Earrings ($44) are simply spectacular.


1) Topping my list are the stunning Kathryn Earrings ($40). Who doesn’t love chandelier earrings?


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