About Town

This time I looked all over Amazon for a feminine yet practical look. I finally found the right items that were both comfortable & stunning. Perfect for everyday wear while being lovely enough that you won’t feel too dressed down if you find yourself surprised with a lunch date. Keep in mind that if you follow my links I will earn a commission on your purchases. Thank you for taking the time to read this post, wonderful readers. 😉

About Town

Patty Boutik Floral Lace Top $39.99
100% Cotton Capri Cargo Pants $5.99
Kaymann Strap Sandal 4 inch Wedge Heels $25.99
Bohemian Sling Crossbody Purse $15.99
UZZO Straw Wide Brim Sun Visor $10.99
DG Designer Shades – Block 100% UVB UVA $11.99
Round Peridot Silver Pendant Earrings Set $24.99
Silver Polished Peridot Ring $21.25
Silver Plated Tree of Life Peridot Cuff $22.99

4 thoughts on “About Town

  1. I definitely like that hat, so lovely! Thanks for your recent comment and for following me. I will follow back!
    Garay Treasures

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