Ode to Spring

I know that many of us, myself included, are pining for a return to warmer times. This post will be using items found at Carnet de Mode, the most expensive brand that I work with. Following my links to shop the look, I will earn a commission on your purchases. Now as to my outfit & jewelry selections, I was daydreaming about spring so I went with a lighter look with warm temperatures in mind. Hope you enjoy 😉

Ode to Spring

Pleated Dress – V Marble – Silk ($482)
Golden Metallic Leather Sandals ($236)
Bag Ball Shaped with Fringe ($257)
Circe – Honey Striped Shades ($473)
Gold Plated Brass Earrings with Gold Leaves ($19)
Gold Plated Brass Necklace ($50)
Gold Plated Bracelet with Golden Feather ($37)
Gold & Teal Blue Mille Bracelet ($31)
Cabochon Double – Ring ($108)


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