Today’s selections come the the always beautiful Lane Bryant. I enjoy my trips to their online shop, there is such an energy to the display & the lovely fashion choices. Everyone should have pride in their bodies, no matter what the media may be showing about “ideal” body type. We’re all different & we should rejoice in our variety. 😉 As with many of my posts, if you follow my link to Lane Bryant I will earn a commission on your purchases, I like to be up front about that sort of thing. 🙂

Studded Sheath Dress ($89.95)
Spanx Fishnet Flair Tights ($42)
Mariella Leather Ankle Boot ($99.99)
Cord & Bead Tassel Earrings ($14.95)
Beaded Owl Statement Necklace ($29.95)
Beaded Bangle Bracelet Set ($24.95)
Thread & Bead Multi-Strand Bracelet ($19.95)
Intertwined Ring ($19.95)
Dusted Silvertone Ring ($19.95)

Lane Bryant


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