LARP Inspiration

I’ve put together a lovely sorceress outfit with items from The Pyramid Collection & jewelry from my boutique. I can’t help but love my role play. ❤ Naturally if you make any purchases from my jewelry shop, I will receive a commission, however I am not affiliated with The Pyramid Collection & will receive nothing should you follow my links to shop. Despite being turned down for their affiliate program I can’t help but continue to love their style, especially where fantasy attire is concerned. I thought about not including a handbag but changed my mind, as all sorceresses require a place to keep their spell components.

LARP Inspiration
Seductive Seeress Dress ($79.95)
Pirate Queen Boots ($59.95)
Beaded Sequin Purse ($39.95)
Dragon Claw Walking Stick ($39.95)
Leslie Earrings ($62)
Bev Necklace ($62)
Edie Bracelet ($18)
Stacia Silver & Slate Tone Cuff Bracelet ($76)
Weaver Ring ($38)


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