In Anticipation of Spring

Though the chill of February is still gripping my area, I can’t help but dream of the returning spring. This time I’ve put together an ensemble from Jolly Chic while thinking of my eldest niece. I was inspired by the soft colors of the impending spring & the warm days that will (eventually) arrive. Remember that if you follow my link at the bottom of this post to shop the look I will receive a commission on your purchases.

Anticipation of Spring

Elegant Lotus Decorate Slim Fit Back Zipper Sleeveless Blouse ($21.99)
Fashion Floral Woman Elastic Waist Skort ($28.99)
Classical Mesh Flower Beading U-shaped Hairband ($4.99)
Opal Leaf Shining Diamond Stud Earrings ($5.99)
Elegant Candy Color Leaf Charmed Necklace ($6.99)
Bohemia Stylish Beads Layers Bracelet ($6.99)
Colorful Opal Rhinestone Gold Plated Ring ($3.99)
Sweet Style Handbag ($20.99)
Retro Style Gemstone Bohemia Flats Thong Sandals ($21.99)

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3 thoughts on “In Anticipation of Spring

  1. I am dreaming of warmer weather but it just keeps getting colder. I just want to wear different shoes!

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