Valentine’s Wish List

I’ve compiled 11 drool worthy jewelry pieces, this time from Carnet de Mode. I love the way these designers add complexity to their works. Some of the treasures are significantly more detailed than others, but each one has a special charm to it’s character. This is definitely the most expensive brand I have showcased & remember that if you follow my links to shop at the site I will earn a commission on the purchases you make.

Wish List

1) Gold Plated Necklace with Burgundy Feathers ($61)
2) Dayita Ring ($145)
3) Ring – Christopher – Silver ($290)
4) Gold Bracelet with Flower Lace Charm ($120)
5) Silver Bracelet with Flower Lace Charm ($120)
6) Gold Earrings – Flower Lace ($120)
7) Silver Earrings – Flower Lace ($120)
8) Ring – FIFTH AVE – Silver ($277)
9) Gold Ring Flower Lace ($107)
10) Silver Ring – Flower Lace ($107)
11) Wine-red Feather Earrings ($41)


4 thoughts on “Valentine’s Wish List

  1. Love all your picks! But number 9,10 and 11 are my favorites! I don’t wear a lot of jewelries during the winter but I love them when the weather is getting warmer. 😉 Thank you for visiting my blog! Keep in touch and take care!


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  2. Those three are great selections & I love your blog, you’re always so stylish 🙂


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