A Teen Space

I have a niece (I actually have many nieces, though oddly have only done posts for one, so far) in homeschool, who also happens to have a very small space to call her own. So thinking about a redesign to her room I was inspired to write about what I found. Much like the last decor post I did (about a month ago, you can find it here, there’s also an instructional video about the wall decor in that post) I found the furniture at Walmart & the wall tattoos at Style & Apply. If you follow my links to either of these stores I will receive a commission on your purchases.

Let’s start with the bedding part of her room, trying to maximize the amount of available space she has in her little room. Keep in mind that the mattress is not included. The type of bed also does not require a box spring.

Teen Bedroom
Mainstays Twin Storage Bed, Alder ($159)
Your Zone Comforter Set, Purple Cheetah ($24.88)
Mainstays Mini Clip Lamp ($7.97)

On to the study area, simple easy to fit in a corner & functional. Also the chair is kind of cute. 😛

Homeschool Station

Mainstays L-Shaped Desk with Hutch ($89.00)
Nuvo Organizer Desk Lamp ($29.99)
Urban Shop Swivel Mesh Chair ($29)

Now on to a bit of wall art. Two of my selection are functional while the third is simply personality. Though she isn’t quite as into rock as I am, I couldn’t find a guitar with more of a country statement. Now the pieces are customizable so they wouldn’t have to be exactly as they are in my pic & keep in mind that the prices I list are the starting prices before they are more customized.

Teen Wall Decor

Tribal Dragon (19.95)
Time to Rock Decal Clock ($69.95)
Music Notes Wall Hanger ($49.95)

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Today’s selections come the the always beautiful Lane Bryant. I enjoy my trips to their online shop, there is such an energy to the display & the lovely fashion choices. Everyone should have pride in their bodies, no matter what the media may be showing about “ideal” body type. We’re all different & we should rejoice in our variety. 😉 As with many of my posts, if you follow my link to Lane Bryant I will earn a commission on your purchases, I like to be up front about that sort of thing. 🙂

Studded Sheath Dress ($89.95)
Spanx Fishnet Flair Tights ($42)
Mariella Leather Ankle Boot ($99.99)
Cord & Bead Tassel Earrings ($14.95)
Beaded Owl Statement Necklace ($29.95)
Beaded Bangle Bracelet Set ($24.95)
Thread & Bead Multi-Strand Bracelet ($19.95)
Intertwined Ring ($19.95)
Dusted Silvertone Ring ($19.95)

Lane Bryant

LARP Inspiration

I’ve put together a lovely sorceress outfit with items from The Pyramid Collection & jewelry from my boutique. I can’t help but love my role play. ❤ Naturally if you make any purchases from my jewelry shop, I will receive a commission, however I am not affiliated with The Pyramid Collection & will receive nothing should you follow my links to shop. Despite being turned down for their affiliate program I can’t help but continue to love their style, especially where fantasy attire is concerned. I thought about not including a handbag but changed my mind, as all sorceresses require a place to keep their spell components.

LARP Inspiration
Seductive Seeress Dress ($79.95)
Pirate Queen Boots ($59.95)
Beaded Sequin Purse ($39.95)
Dragon Claw Walking Stick ($39.95)
Leslie Earrings ($62)
Bev Necklace ($62)
Edie Bracelet ($18)
Stacia Silver & Slate Tone Cuff Bracelet ($76)
Weaver Ring ($38)

Practical Style

This time I have put together more of a daily wear type of ensemble with jewelry pieces that could easily be staples. I thought it would be nice to get back to the basic nature of day to day life after the Valentine’s hustle. All of the items selected are from Target & I must say that their selection is rather diverse. Keep in mind that if you follow my link at the bottom of this post or the one to the right I will earn a commission on your purchase.

Practical Style

Textured Boyfriend V Tee – Mossimo Supply Co. ($6.30)
Merona Women’s Twill Ankle Pant ($19.58)
Women’s Christy Strappy Pumps ($17.48)
Women’s Tote Handbag ($20.98)
Sterling Sliver Heart J Hoop Earrings ($12.99)
Women’s Short Pendant Chain Necklace with Love 21” ($12.99)
Women’s Bangle Bracelet ($4.99)
Silver Plated “Love” Ring ($14.99)
Silver Plated Cubic Zirconia Triple Row Open Band Ring ($14.99)

In Anticipation of Spring

Though the chill of February is still gripping my area, I can’t help but dream of the returning spring. This time I’ve put together an ensemble from Jolly Chic while thinking of my eldest niece. I was inspired by the soft colors of the impending spring & the warm days that will (eventually) arrive. Remember that if you follow my link at the bottom of this post to shop the look I will receive a commission on your purchases.

Anticipation of Spring

Elegant Lotus Decorate Slim Fit Back Zipper Sleeveless Blouse ($21.99)
Fashion Floral Woman Elastic Waist Skort ($28.99)
Classical Mesh Flower Beading U-shaped Hairband ($4.99)
Opal Leaf Shining Diamond Stud Earrings ($5.99)
Elegant Candy Color Leaf Charmed Necklace ($6.99)
Bohemia Stylish Beads Layers Bracelet ($6.99)
Colorful Opal Rhinestone Gold Plated Ring ($3.99)
Sweet Style Handbag ($20.99)
Retro Style Gemstone Bohemia Flats Thong Sandals ($21.99)

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Blog Facelift


I’m sure you have noticed that there have been some visual changes to the blog. Now that I have a few months of blogging under my belt I decided that it was about time that I made myself at home & add a little personal style to my posts.

It took me a week to find a balance between style & functionality that appealed to me. Then a few more hours spent playing with the final overall look until I was satisfied with the changes.

Hope you, my beloved readers, like the change or at the very least don’t dislike it. 😀 I’m growing as a blogger & felt it was a little passed due that my page reflect more of myself. Time to get fully immersed now that I’ve gotten my feet wet.

This is turning out to be not much of a post, lol. Just wanted to touch base with my lovely readers after the sweeping changes to my blog. ❤

Affordable Valentine’s Look

Are you ready for a high end look without a high end price tag? I sure am! OASAP is having some massive sales going on at this time. Many of their items are very affordable under normal circumstances, but they’re amazing steals when marked down! For the ensemble I’ve put together the shoes are by far the most incredible deal being marked down from $85.90! Like many of my posts at the bottom (& to the right) is an affiliate link, if you follow any of my links I will earn a commission on your purchases. Yeah, I know, a day late, but this look was too good to pass up 😉

Affordable Valentine

Red Plunge Long Sleeves Lace Party Midi Dress ($22.68)
Pleated Double Breasted Jacket ($39.90)
Rhinestone Embellished Curved Wedges ($19.90)
Fashion Tribal Print PU Purse ($21.00)
Antique Cone Pattern Drop Earrings ($11.76)
Vintage Faux Stone Geo Necklace ($13.44)
Crystal Clear Beaded Bracelet ($14.90)
Fashion Demure Floral Cuff Bracelet ($18.48)
3 Piece Black Twisted Pattern Adjustable Rings ($7.56)

Oasap Limited

Amazon Sweetheart

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching & though I have had several posts about it already I’m going to continue with the amorous festivities. This time I have put together an outfit with some glamorous treasures from Amazon. Often I am surprised by the wondrous selection available at a site that’s perhaps best known for books. They even have their own curated jewelry collection. I hope you all have wonderful romantic holidays this year. 😉

Amazon Sweetheart
Genluna Women’s Crew Neck Block Color Short Sleeve Shirt Chiffon Tops Blouse $7.11 – $14.96
MICHAEL CARRIE Micro pleated Palazzo Pant $5.00
Enzo Angiolini Women’s Lovesit Boot $57.56
Envy Boutique Women’s Knitted Warm Poncho Cape Wrap Shawl Jumper Sweater Jacket 5.99
Scarleton Glamorous Evening Clutch $6.99
Sterling Silver Cubic Zirconia Pave Heart Earrings $29.68
Sterling Silver Heart Shape Garnet Pendant Necklace, 18″ $35.62
Sterling Silver White Swarovski Crystal “Love” and Heart Bypass Cuff Bracelet $57.74
Sterling Silver and 14k Yellow Gold Diamond and Heart-Shaped Created Ruby Ring $62.99

Remember that if you follow my links to make purchases I will earn commission from those sales as an affiliate. 😉

Valentine’s Wish List

I’ve compiled 11 drool worthy jewelry pieces, this time from Carnet de Mode. I love the way these designers add complexity to their works. Some of the treasures are significantly more detailed than others, but each one has a special charm to it’s character. This is definitely the most expensive brand I have showcased & remember that if you follow my links to shop at the site I will earn a commission on the purchases you make.

Wish List

1) Gold Plated Necklace with Burgundy Feathers ($61)
2) Dayita Ring ($145)
3) Ring – Christopher – Silver ($290)
4) Gold Bracelet with Flower Lace Charm ($120)
5) Silver Bracelet with Flower Lace Charm ($120)
6) Gold Earrings – Flower Lace ($120)
7) Silver Earrings – Flower Lace ($120)
8) Ring – FIFTH AVE – Silver ($277)
9) Gold Ring Flower Lace ($107)
10) Silver Ring – Flower Lace ($107)
11) Wine-red Feather Earrings ($41)

Keeping Up the Pace

Every day seems so hectic as I research & prepare my for each week of posts, in addition to my daily & weekly promotion of my boutique. Not only do I have to write each post but then I fill endless hours with trying to attract new readers across social platforms, while keeping an eye open for other methods. I am rather pleasantly surprised I have managed to stay on top of my schedule.

In order to maintain this pace I have to prioritize my daily goals & organize them into a daily to-do list. While this strategy may seem a little rigid it’s actually quite flexible as each moment of my day is not strictly regulated, so as things come up the flow of my day is not disrupted. Accomplishing the highest priority items on the list are where my energies are focused into first.

Meditation is a must to keep my mind sharp & centered on the task at hand. I spend 20 minutes a day at this, 10 shortly after I wake & another 10 about midday. I try not to meditate too close to sleepy time as it can increase the instances of insomnia by its restful & almost nap-like features & I have enough trouble with that on my own. lol

When things decide to spiral out of control for a day the most important thing of all is to not panic. Nothing ever gets better while I freak out, so it’s best to remain calm, no matter what life has chosen to throw at me at the moment. Sometimes you just have to let the day flow the way it wants to rather than force your own will onto it.

I am so grateful that you, my lovely readers, have taken a moment out of your, no doubt, equally busy day to commiserate with me at this time. 😉