Caring for Costume Jewelry

If you’re like me, you want your treasure to maintain their initial luster. Cleaning costume jewelry is not quite the same as cleaning the real deal, so I’m going to give you my tricks to keeping my pieces at their very best.


First, for the sturdier pieces of your collection you’ll simply need a soft cloth, a toothbrush & some toothpaste. The kind of toothpaste matters not, for this any type works equally well. Spread some of the paste over your treasure, then scrub it with the brush, after the thorough scrub rinse it off in lukewarm water, then dry immediately. Make sure the piece is completely dry, any remaining moisture can leave marks or cause overall degradation.

For your more delicate treasures you will want to take a much more careful approach. You will need a soft brush, a can of compressed air & a soft cloth. After a careful examination of the piece use the brush to gently remove any debris that may be present. If this doesn’t quite do the trick you can loosen anything that might still be clinging to the piece with the compressed air. When using the compressed air make sure that you hold it about an inch away, any closer & the pressure could dislodge the cut glass or crystals used in its construction. After using the compressed air go back over the piece with the brush. The cloth can be used to buff the shine back into the jewelry as a finishing touch.

If your more delicate piece is being especially stubborn use some lukewarm water on the brush before going over it again. Should this not be enough use a small amount of soap diluted with lukewarm water on the brush. Rinse afterward & quickly dry the treasure with a soft cloth.

Remember to visit me at my boutique sometime for your costume jewelry needs ^_^

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