One of my sisters noted that all of my post have been geared toward women & that I had overlooked the young ladies of the teen persuasion. On that note I decided that I would put together a style, from Target & all of the look comes from that store alone. Something weird happened….. When I selected a sweater dress & some leggings….. I noticed that the 2 models were wearing the same boots, but the boots either have never been available from Target or are no longer being offered from them. So, anyway, I’ve selected other shoes. The link at the bottom of this post contains an affiliate link and I will receive a small commission if you make a purchase after following it.

Myster Boots

As for the ensemble it’s warm as the month of February (just a couple days away) is the coldest of the year, at least in these parts. It’s also conservative, as I made selections that my eldest niece would not get grounded for attempting to wear. While the style could easily be worn by an adult, this idea came together thinking of my aforementioned niece ❤

Warm Teen

Midi Sweater Dress – Mossimo Supply Co.
Velour Legging – Mossimo Supply Co.
Women’s Kaci Short Cowboy Boots
Women’s Fashion 3 Strand Necklace with Glass Beads

Can’t forget layering for going out into the cold. Found some cute items my niece would totally wear, the only think that would make them more her style is if they came in pink camouflage.

Outside Layer

Faux Leather Moto Jacket
Muk Luks Helmet & Gloves Set

Radical Departure

This post is going to be a bit different for me, as I dream about redoing my space & making my walls less boring. I will be considering items from Walmart as well as some wall art from Style and Apply. First off, my personal space is small so the bedroom & office considerations are meant for the same room.

I like everything in my space to be aesthetically pleasing in addition to being functional so here are some of my ideas. I’ll start with the bedroom aspect of the room. I really like the twin bedroom set I found, though the picture has a lot of traditionally masculine elements in play I have found a few coordinates more attuned to me.


The bedroom set I selected has a small bed, which suits my small space very well & has lots of storage areas. The collection comes with the storage bed, headboard, bedside table, 6 drawer dresser & the storage bench, the mattress is not included but at least no box spring is required. All in all the whole thing costs $769.00. Naturally I wanted to add some cute elements to the room in general & the pink bear lamp is just adorable as a bedside lighting fixture. I really like the colors for the bedding sets, I think they bring in some personal flair.

I found a desk, a lamp & a comfortable chair that I think will be efficient for my needs as well. The rest of the images seem more self explanatory so I didn’t feel a need to label them as I did the bedroom compilation.


I like the basic idea of these for my office area, a nice simple desk, a comfortable chair on rollers & an energy efficient lamp. Collectively the items total out to about $223 with the desk, of course, being the most expensive item in that slightly rounded up total.

For a few finishing touches I’ve selected a couple of functional wall decals that I am quite fond of. The decals can easily be customized to suit anyone with color, size (on most items), swarovski elements & number of hangers. I like the clock in violet & the kiss hanger in dark red (these are not the colors shown in the image).

Wall Decals

The clock decal just makes sense, knowing what time it is, is just plain useful. The stars & moon seem whimsical, which is a quality I enjoy about this particular decal. It starts at $59.95 without the addition of swarovski elements. Always trying to maximize the effectiveness of storage in my personal corner of the world I opted for a decal that comes with hangers for bags & other random items that hangers can keep off the floor. I found the kiss design to be rather stylish & its price starts at $39.95 before tacking on swarovski elements or additional hangers.

Since wall tattoos/decals are somewhat new to me I watched Style and Apply’s instructional video for application.

Shop Home Furnishings at Walmart.com!

Be Fierce

I stumbled across a great shop that I can’t believe I’ve never shopped at before! (double negative, I know -_- ) If you’re looking for epic style at great prices you might hop on over to JollyChic & shop their fantastic collections. This is an ensemble idea I put together entirely from that site. Just to be clear, I was not paid to write this, but I might get paid if you shop from my links as I have chosen to join their affiliate program. 😉


O-Neck Drop Shoulder Sleeve Solid Patchwork Woolen Sweater $65.00
X pattern Front Woman Thicken Jeans Winter Pants $20.99
Elegant Round Toe Buckle Suede Solid Women Boots $76.00
Beads Layers Alloy Chain Woman Fashion Necklace $4.99
Vintage Style Fashion Rhinestone Skull Pattern Women’s Chain Bracelet $3.99
Punk Style Western Trendy Triangle Decorate Chain Charm Bracelet $2.99

Fashion Fast Me -- Up To 70% OFF

A Night Out

Was just thinking of some lovely night on the town treasures from my boutique & that got me thinking about the right clothes & shoes. So I put together an evening outfit from Amazon with some beauties from Orbb’s Fashion boutique. Click the image for a larger version.

A Night Out

Jax Women’s Printed Sheath Dress with Lace and Mesh Detail
Aldo Luvian Clutch Handbag, Red
Betsey Johnson Women’s Hheat Sandal
Jasmine Earrings
Cadence Necklace
Simone Bracelet
Norah Ring

Liebster Award


I would like to take a moment to thank Zwee_v for nominating me. Thank you very much!!! It can be hard being new to the blog scene to get a handle on things & I appreciate this opportunity to participate in the larger community.

Continuing the tradition, the rules are:

1) Link the person who nominated you
2) Answer their 11 questions
3) Nominate 11 bloggers who have less than 200 followers
4) Dream up 11 questions for them
5) Notify your nominees via their social media or blogs

My Q&A from Zwee_v:

1) Why do you blog?

Being perfectly honest I initially started this blog to promote my jewelry boutique. I’ve always been something of a writer though for most mediums I am considered overly concise & blogging just feels right.

2) Would you ever have plastic surgery?

Nope, because nope.

3) Night in or night out? Describe your ideal of either one.

Night in actually. Nothing better than chilling with my man, a bowl of popcorn & some movies.

4) Dream holiday destination?

Well, I’m both chronologically & spatially confused; I get lost very, very easily in unfamiliar settings so I’m a bit phobic of traveling from my comfort zone.

5) What would you do if you won £1 million?

First, I would faint, lol. When I finally came around I would do my best to come up with a responsible plan to help my family, give back to my community & try to grow what remains to a nice retirement cushion. 😉

6) Do you prefer hair up or hair down? Give an example for your answer.

Hmmmm, sometimes I like it down & other times I like it up. I do have a lot of hair so I always put it up when it’s hot, to avoid the blanket effect on the back of my neck, lol. When I put it up I like to get a bit creative with it, sometimes I pull it into a pony on the top of my head & braid it. That method was inspired by a style I saw Uhura wearing in an episode or 2 of the original Star Trek series, though I lack the length to pull it off as wondrously as she did. Yes, I’m a nerd like that, lol.

7) Any celeb icons?

The coolest one I happen to be looking at whenever I may be asked this question! I find inspiration everywhere 😀

8) List 3 of your favorite food/drinks.

Coffee, anything made from potato (not the sweet ones, I only like them in pie lol) & mildly sweetened good ‘ole southern ice tea with lemon.

9) Did you make any New Year resolutions?

Yes, I’m trying to be more active for my nerd lifestyle has me on my computer most of the time. So far I am making great strides unplugging & getting in some exercise. 😉

10) Fav makeup brand? Why?

I don’t really wear much makeup. I like a good scrub, an occasional mask, moisturizers & Burt’s Bees Lip Balm. My scrubs, masks & moisturizer brands vary as I have never fully settled on them specifically. Other than that I use makeup for cosplay & Halloween, which is more about getting the right colors than a brand. 😀

11) Dream job?

I enjoy what I’m doing now, selling jewelry & the more recent addition of blogging. I suppose the only job I would love more is playing video games for a living, lol.

My nominations:
1) Style Juicer
2) The Style Chronicles
3) Beauty Blunders and Other Wonders
4) Mermaid Waves
5) Style Rhapsody
6) Style High Street
7) Style Lab
8) Fashion’s Playground
9) Cosplay Blog… With a Brain
10) Glamour Duchess
11) Glamour & Geekery

My questions:
1) Why did you start blogging?
2) Do you have a fave fashion line?
3) What’s your favorite movie?
4) What’s your fave retro look?
5) Who is your favorite author?
6) What’s your fave game?
7) What trends impress you the most?
8) Who are you biggest influences? (in anything)
9) What are your 3 favorite shows?
10) What kind of jewelry do you enjoy most?
11) Dreams for the future?

It’s been great writing this & I hope everyone I’ve nominated also enjoys it 😉 It can be a bit challenging to find 11 bloggers with less than 200 followers, I had to change several of my nominees a several times as others beat me to the punch 😀


Goal Setting


The setting of goals & creation of plans to achieve them are the most efficient way to manage our time & resources. So I’m going to take a few minutes of my lovely readers’ time to talk about this subject. I’m sure we’ve all seen references to SMART & whether you have or not, that’s what I’m going to focus on.

S – Specific
M – Measurable
A – Attainable
R – Realistic
T – Time-bound

Specific: Who? What? When? Where? Why? How?

Measurable: Establish a method for charting progress.

Attainable: Focus on what is most important to reach for.

Realistic: It’s best to set a high goal that you are willing to work for & are able to achieve.

Time-bound: No time frame, no immediacy to attain anything.

That’s a pretty complete & comprehensive summary & I don’t want to bore anyone by droning on. Come see me sometime at my boutique. 😉

Whimsical Inspiration

Okay, I can’t help it, I’m such a nerd. This ensemble idea is a bit pricey, but absolutely perfect for a Renaissance Faire or LARP event. The gown & shoes are from The Pyramid Collection while all other accessories are from my boutique, click the image for a larger version. I’m going to call this one Emerald Princess, because sometimes I’ve just got to let the geek out 😛

Emerald Princess

Emerald Velvet Dress
Riverside Sandals
Tamiko Necklace
Arianna Ring

Caring for Costume Jewelry

If you’re like me, you want your treasure to maintain their initial luster. Cleaning costume jewelry is not quite the same as cleaning the real deal, so I’m going to give you my tricks to keeping my pieces at their very best.


First, for the sturdier pieces of your collection you’ll simply need a soft cloth, a toothbrush & some toothpaste. The kind of toothpaste matters not, for this any type works equally well. Spread some of the paste over your treasure, then scrub it with the brush, after the thorough scrub rinse it off in lukewarm water, then dry immediately. Make sure the piece is completely dry, any remaining moisture can leave marks or cause overall degradation.

For your more delicate treasures you will want to take a much more careful approach. You will need a soft brush, a can of compressed air & a soft cloth. After a careful examination of the piece use the brush to gently remove any debris that may be present. If this doesn’t quite do the trick you can loosen anything that might still be clinging to the piece with the compressed air. When using the compressed air make sure that you hold it about an inch away, any closer & the pressure could dislodge the cut glass or crystals used in its construction. After using the compressed air go back over the piece with the brush. The cloth can be used to buff the shine back into the jewelry as a finishing touch.

If your more delicate piece is being especially stubborn use some lukewarm water on the brush before going over it again. Should this not be enough use a small amount of soap diluted with lukewarm water on the brush. Rinse afterward & quickly dry the treasure with a soft cloth.

Remember to visit me at my boutique sometime for your costume jewelry needs ^_^

Stylish Ideas

Here’s an idea for a smart look, the clothing comes from Amazon & the jewelry from Orbb’s Fashion boutique. Click the image for a larger version:

Stylish Ideas

Ninimour- Korea Style Women’s Blazer Jacket Suit Work Casual (M, Black)
BCBGMAXAZRIA Women’s Rumor Sleeveless Crisscross Top with Zipper, Classic Blue Combo, Small
Dickies Juniors 5 Pocket Skinny Pant,Khaki,3
DV by Dolce Vita Women’s Cassidy Boot
Cameron Earrings
Priscilla Necklace
Amerie Bracelet
Penelope Ring