Customizing Your Boutique

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This is perhaps one of the most important things to do for your shop. In the world of style, image is everything!

When you click Manage Boutique near the upper right of your shop, you will find yourself presented with a list of things to tweak. Fourth down on the list to the left is Customize My Boutique. From that menu you can select a theme & then go on to further customize your theme.

I suggest taking the time to dress up your shop with your own custom shop images & backgrounds. Customers & potential customers like to easily see that you care enough to update your site regularly, so staying up to date on seasonal shifts & holidays is essential to present the proper public image.

I personally like to use Gimp to edit pics together & dress up my shop. It’s also nice to add a similar personal touch to your shop’s FaceBook, Google Plus & whatever other social networking pages you use for your boutique. If you’re into blogging you’ll definitely want to keep its look updated regularly as well.

If you haven’t signed up already & feel that you need an additional income stream come on down & check out Orbb’s Fashion boutique, maybe sign up while your there too.


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