Basic Boutique Management

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Getting started with your own boutique is really quite simple. I’m going to go over a basic step by step of product selection & general boutique maintenance.


The above image shows the four critical icons you will see with each piece of merchandise. It also shows several filter options that I will get into shortly. Click the image to see larger version.


Firstly, let’s discuss the icons & how to use them, moving from left to right. When selecting items for your boutique you will want to click the check mark icon. When it is darkened as it is in the image above, that item will appear as one of your selections. The next one looks like a tag & you will use it to select your 12 flash sale items each week. Notice the two listed prices; the price on the left is the regular & the one to the right is the discounted price it will be while on sale. The third icon over from the left can be used to write a review of the product. This can be used to talk about the type of things you like to wear with that particular treasure, or simply a description of how you feel about it. The final icon is to make recommendations to your customers. As a boutique owner you will get to know your customers both through their purchases & through good customer care conversations, so you will get an idea of the type of things your customers may wish to purchase.

I find the view filters to be especially useful when I come in for my daily shop checks. The first thing I do is set it to show me all items that are not in my store & click the view all way over to the right, so I don’t have to click through pages to find new products. After I glance through all of the items not in my shop & select any newer pieces I then set the filter to show all items in my store. Then I again click the view all over to the right & scroll all the way to the bottom to see if any items have sold out. It’s important to remove the selector from any items that are no longer in inventory so that your customers do not keep trying to order out of stock items.

When I write reviews I often find it helpful to not only filter it down to the items that are in my boutique, but also to the kind of item I wish to that time. We are limited to 200 characters for our reviews & it’s good to know about the character limits in a few other places when you share your words. I always share something about the product I reviewed with Twitter, Pinterest, my boutique’s FaceBook page & my boutique’s Google+ page. Twitter has a 140 character limit & you may want to shorten the URL at one of the many sites that offers a URL shortening service (this is free). Pinterest has a 500 character limit, so you can certainly get more verbose about your lovely treasures. Neither FaceBook or Google+ are very limiting about how much you can say about your product, I suggest trying to stay somewhat concise while elaborating on the spirit of the piece you’re sharing.

Come check out my shop & maybe open your own at Orbb’s Fashion boutique.


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